Uttarakhand GK Questions

1. What place does Tehri Dam get in Asia?

[A] First
[B] Second
[C] Third
[D] Fourth

A [First]

2. Who is the author of the book ‘Garhwal Paintings’?

[A] Molaram
[B] Mukund Lal
[C] Pati Ram
[D] H.G. Walton

B [Mukundhi Lal]

3. In which city of Uttarakhand is ‘Central Building Research Institute’ located?

[A] In Haridwar
[B] In Dehradun
[C] In Tehri
[D] In Roorkee

D [in Roorkee]

4. In which of the following districts is “National Institute of Technology” located in Uttarakhand?

[A] Pauri Garhwal
[B] Udham Singh Nagar
[C] Dehradun
[D] Nainital

A [Pauri in Garhwal]

5. Who is the author of ‘Borivali to Boribandar’?

[A] Ramesh Chandra Shah
[B] Gaura Pant ‘Shivani’
[C] Rama Prasad Ghildiyal
[D] Shailesh Matiyani

D [Shailesh Matiyani]

6. Who is known as Lakshmibai of Kumaon?

[A] To Karnavati
[B] To Jiya Rani
[C] To Kamalendumati Shah
[D] To Bishni Devi Shah

B [To Jiya Rani]

7. Who is Harshwanti related to?

[A] Mountaineering
[B] Skiing
[C] Canoeing
[D] River rafting

A [from mountaineering]

8. Who was the leader of the 1st Garhwal Rifles during the First World War (1914-18)?

[A] Gabar Singh Negi
[B] Darban Singh Negi
[C] Major Somnath Sharma
[D] Shoorveer Singh Panwar

B [Darban Singh Negi]

9. Who among the following persons was born in the Panwar dynasty of Tehri Garhwal?

[A] Shoorveer Singh Panwar
[B] Veerchandra Singh Garhwali
[C] Vipin Chandra Joshi
[D] Admiral Devendra Joshi

A [Shoorveer Singh Panwar]

10. Which player of Uttarakhand has got the title of ‘Man of the Tournament’?

[A] Pratap Singh Patwal
[B] Pushkar Singh Bhandari
[C] Ram Bahadur Chhetri
[D] Ramesh Singh Rawat

B [Pushkar Singh Bhandari]

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