Mizoram GK in English

Mizoram GK in English for Various Competitive Exams

1. What is the capital of Mizoram?

A) Aizawl
B) Guwahati
C) Imphal
D) Kohima

A) Aizawl

2. Which river flows through Mizoram?

A) Brahmaputra
B) Tlawng
C) Yamuna
D) Ganges

B) Tlawng

3. Mizoram shares its borders with which of the following states?

A) Assam
B) Manipur
C) Tripura
D) All of the above

D) All of the above

4. Which tribe is the largest in Mizoram?

A) Lushai
B) Hmar
C) Mara
D) Chakma

A) Lushai

5. What is the traditional dance of Mizoram called?

A) Garba
B) Bihu
C) Cheraw
D) Bhangra

C) Cheraw

6. Mizoram became the __ state of India in 1987.

A) 23rd
B) 24th
C) 25th
D) 26th

D) 26th

7. Which is the highest peak in Mizoram?

A) Phawngpui
B) Blue Mountain
C) Dampa
D) Mizo Peak

A) Phawngpui

8. Which wildlife sanctuary is located in Mizoram?
  • A) Kaziranga National Park
  • B) Dampa Tiger Reserve
  • C) Manas National Park
  • D) Jim Corbett National Park

B) Dampa Tiger Reserve

9. Which language is predominantly spoken in Mizoram?

A) Hindi
B) English
C) Mizo
D) Bengali

C) Mizo

10. Mizoram is known for its production of which crop?

A) Rice
B) Wheat
C) Sugarcane
D) Cotton

A) Rice

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